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This site lists all open cinemas in the United Kingdom as far as known, in most cases with the number of auditoria and a Web link for the cinema or the group it belongs to. Seating capacities are noted where known, though this information can become out of date. To qualify for inclusion the venue must have full cinema-standard digital projection and/or 35mm in use and be open to the general public. Where a venue is only part-time on films this is indicated.

Also noted are announced new cinemas or extra auditoria where the plans are thought to be firm, in particular that planning permission has been granted if needed. Where a cinema has closed or been modified the information is kept on the list for a year then deleted.

Cinema Circuit Links

AMC UK Web Site American company with small number of UK sites ( AMC U.S. parent site)
Curzon Includes information about each auditorium along with a short history of each cinema.
Empire Includes information about each auditorium at each cinema
Everyman Includes information about each auditorium at each cinema; announced April 2015 buying four traditional Odeons still open.
Light Launched on the continent in 2008 the group now have a list of a number of UK sites under development.
Movie House Includes photograph of each cinema.
Northern Morris
Odeon Includes information about each auditorium at each cinema.
Omniplex is based in the Irish Republic and runs a number of venues in Northern Ireland
Parkway By 2016, running four sites
Picturehouse Owned by Cineworld but separately named & managed. Includes information about each auditorium at each cinema, with photographs.
Scott Includes information about each auditorium at each cinema.
Showcase (American owners National Amusements)
Silver Screen
Vue Includes information about each auditorium at each cinema.
West Coast Scotland

Other Cinema Links

American Widescreen Museum is devoted in particular to the various widescreen and large format processes of the past but also covers other technical matters of exhibition.
BKSTS, the Moving Image Society, has as its memebership people in the UK working in the cinema industry,including exhibition.
Brighton Cinema History is a very full background to the city's cinemas over the years.
The British Board of Film Classification Web site explains the UK film classification system and with the aid of the new (2013) Insight service the reasons for the certificate given to all submitted films.
The British Film Institute runs the National Film Theatre and publishes an annual Film Handbook on which this list was originally based when it was first put on the Web in the summer of 1995.
The Cinema Theatre Association is involved in all aspects of cinema buildings past and present. This list of cinemas is provided with their support and their bi-monthly Bulletin giving details of openings and closings is one of the main sources of new information.
CinemaTour is a photographic record of cinemas worldwide with locations and historic details.
Cinema Treasures is an American site with details on individual cinemas, past and present, throughout the world including over 3,200 in Britain.
Digital Cinema Media is the joint Odeon-Cineworld cinema advertising company established in 2008.
Dusashenka's Cinema Photos mostly in Britain, on the Flickr site.
Event Cinema Association promotes 'event' cinema presentations on behalf of distributors and exhibitors and helps raise public awareness.
Film Distributors Association UK distributors site with release schedule, description of what distributors do, & links to them.
Guardian Film covers all aspects of movies including exhibition.
Historic England has over 1,700 cinema photographs, often from the 1930s. In the serarch field type cinema, or a more specific combination such as town and cinema name, eg. chichester granada.
Independent Cinema Office supports independent film exhibition in the UK and includes a clickable map indicating venues.
Odeon/UCI General and financial information on the company, including European activities.
Odeon Cavalcade is a collection of 1960's views of Odeon theatres, mostly in evocative black-and-white.
Pearl and Dean is one of the two major companies selling screen advertising and the site also contains other information about exhibition.
Projected Picture Trust are involved in preserving cinema projection equipment.
Scotland's Surviving Cinemas, records details of as many of Scotland's cinemas as survive today, including pictures and news.
UK Cinema Association is the body representing a large number of both circuit and independent UK cinemas; a range of statistics on cinemas can be found under 'The Industry' > 'Facts and Figures'. [Until May 2015, the Cinema Exhibitors' Association]
Subtitles is involved in promoting subtitled cinema presentation for the hard of hearing.

Notes and Caveats

This list was introduced in 1995, the early days of the World Wide Web, and is updated from a number of sources including my own observations, heplful emails, and items in the CTA Bulletin. I would very much like to thank everyone who sends corrections and updates.

There is no financial remuneration in any form involved with collating and providing this information. This is a spare time activity and the lists are in no way official. Every care should be taken in their use, and they should be checked against official data if any decision rests on the information.

England London Central London Suburban Wales Scotland Northern Ireland Islands

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